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A Story Steeped in Sound

AMDOR’S GROUP is a unique instrumental ensemble, led by the saxophonist Shahar Amdor. They perform original music based on a variety of jazz idioms, rock, metal, and free music.

AMDOR’S GROUP aspires to give people an opportunity to connect to themselves. By making accessible music full of emotions, they create a special atmosphere that has a perfect balance between complication and simplicity. It makes the music experience exciting for a wide type of audience; musicians & non-musicians as one. 

AMDOR’S GROUP values self-connection as a way to enrich the musical dialog. They believe that when one plays with pure honesty and openness, it can help the listeners connect to themselves at an almost meditative level. 


Band Leader | Saxophonist | Flutist | Composer 

Shahar Amdor

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